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Her and Nate were a perfect couple, and really hot also. Bottom line, this was another amazing book by this author and I hope everyone who like a light, romantic comedy will give it a try. I already can't wait to get my hands on P. A's book! View all 27 comments. I bust my gut laughing out loud at all the crazy antics of these four best friends and I was very happy to see that it continued in this book.

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Brooke Blaine definitely knows how to write a great romantic comedy. Shayne, the redhead Aussie of the group, is definitely no hooker, at least not the kind I know you're thinking of. Shayne absolutely loves what she does, but unfortunately her place of work isn't that great. That is all thanks to her obnoxiously loud and tacky boss, Val.

She also doesn't make very much money, but Shayne is grateful for what she does have and doesn't dwell too much on what she doesn't. At least that is what she's convinced of herself of. I really liked Shayne. She was a bit of a klutz, she had the occasional bouts of verbal diarrhea, and was also quite sassy which I loved. So far she has done really great in her professional life but not so much in her personal life.

That all changes when her friends forcibly get her to join them on the 'Pantsless Metro Ride' day. She is very self conscience of her body and doesn't think she is that great even though she is very beautiful. But what is even more embarrassing to her is her star wars underwear. The last thing on her mind is men, but then she connects eyes with Nate and the attraction is immediate. He is tall, cute, and has a charming smile with dimples, Shayne just couldn't resist that or his suspenders. Which meant I'd been making googly eyes at Mr. Gorgeous without them, which also meant I'd have to exit the train with my underwear on full display.

Oh my God. She isn't really interested in getting involved with anyone, however, Nate is not taking no for an answer. Shayne pushes him away because of many reasons, one being he is a young college guy, and she is older than him. Nate loves a challenge and definitely works hard to get Shayne. I was a goner when it came to Nate. He was so sweet, romantic, and so damn sexy. He seriously made me swoon. Not gonna lie, I absolutely loved the chase portion of the book as much as Shayne did. Nate was a different male lead but in a good way because I loved him. He was perfect for Shayne and they were just so adorable together.

One Naughty Night

I just loved their flirtatious banter. It was really great having the rest of the gang still be present in this book. I loved how supportive and crude these girls were, they were a hilarious bunch that makes you want to be their friend. I really enjoyed the story line, it was very well written. The ending left me with a big smile on my face and may have swooned quite a bit. Brooke Blaine did it again with this second installment.

I cannot wait to see what book three, P. View all 22 comments. Mar 15, Sophie's Reading Corner rated it really liked it. One night she meets Nate, a younger guy than her, but they seem to have a love-hate relationship, since for some reason he makes her feisty everytime they chat. At the same time, a famous actor comes at her company and reveals something to her.

When things go wrong, she decides to back up for him and things become more complicated. But what happens when at the same time she gets closer to Nate and she can't reveal the 4. But what happens when at the same time she gets closer to Nate and she can't reveal the actor's secret or their agreement? Can't a guy give a compliment?

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I'd prefer the orgasm. A really fun, refreshing read with many sexy and funny moments. Brooke Blaine has given us, once again, really enjoyable characters, storylines as well as dialogues. She's a tall clutz that can't walk on heels! That screams Sophie, you guys! Where I try to fix a mess and make a bigger one instead, just because I wanted to help. Where I put up with bitches instead of slapping them. So there were moments where I fell frustrated, but I could also understand, because I've been there. I also fell in love with Nate.

Like seriously, the guy was book boyfriend material and this has happened to me before on Licked. Brooke has the talent to provide you with males that you will swoon over and females that you want to high five and shake booties with. That scene at the office Just hot damn!!

And then when the suspenders were handsy..

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A and on that note I have to say that pita in greek means pie. Just a trivial just in case :P Also, so much mystery around Quinn's job!! I'm sure in the end it will be something that none of us expects, but I'm super intrigued. There's someone single in this book ready to mingle and I fully support a book that will be saying his story!

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  5. Feb 11, Jayme rated it it was amazing Shelves: cover-love , smokin-hot-sex , refreshing , family-and-friends , moments-of-laugh , steamy-sexual-tension , series-im-in-love , releases , favorite-books , jan-march. I love everything, each scene with Shayne and Nate together. Their story was sensational, incredible chemistry and I only regret that it was not just about them. Because their scenes I could read endlessly.

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    About the plot: Shayne Callahan is a matchmaker at the elite HLS with boss form hell, but she has talent in matching people and finding them soulmates. A little worse it goes with it for her. She is not too confident, but in the company of her best f "Oh fuck shit ass and hole. She is not too confident, but in the company of her best friends is able to go beyond her comfort zone. It is they who draw her to Pantless Metro Ride, and that is where she notices very handsome guy, with whom catches the eye contact.

    Nate Ryan make his move and try to hit on Shayne. Not the best result I must admit, but fortunately, he gets a second chance in Vegas, which is not intend to waste.

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    This road is not easy, because Shayne has her doubts, but so, so exciting. He's not going to give up and is very convincing. The challenge, however, does not end even when it becomes official. Final thoughts: Terrific start. I was caught at the very beginning. Day without pants?