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The park is quite small - it would take around 1,5 hours to go around and see all the animals. It was my first time seeing Kangaroos and Wallabies, and other Australian animals in person, so I was very excited. You can even feed Kangaroos. Animal shows are happening every hour - penguin feeding, koala petting etc. I was expecting more Koalas at the "Koala Sanctuary" but apparently they were redoing some of the facilities and Koalas were inside, just three Koalas were outside.

One beautiful sleepy Koala "participated" in a show - patrons were able to pet her and take photo with her. Overall it was a lovely experience, perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon. Haven't visited the Koala Park since my son was two and today I returned with my now 32 year old son and his son of 15 months. I had forgotten what a pretty place the Koala Park was. Very well presented and a wonderful place for a family outing - the kids will love it as they can get up really close to all the animals especially the kangaroos plus the best fed and chilled out looking dingoes I have ever seen!

A friend came here and had her first experience with a Koala with getting her photo taken. She said we had to come here. One thing about a zoo is you see all animals that we have at home. We wanted to see Australian animals. Yes the entrance was a little pricey but knowing that it went into keeping this small sanctuary est. Nothing is better than educating the general public with a small hands on sanctuary to save them out in the wild.

We learned about the precious Wombat through a speaker. We saw someone throwing a boomerang and he was great.


Then we witnessed them feeding 3 little penguins and got our photos with the Koala. It was so nice. A little unkept but not bad and we so much enjoyed our trip. I would for sure take children or visitors to your country to support this sanctuary but I'm an animal love and so much enjoyed my time here at Koala Park Sanctuary.

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Not only having hands on opportunity but spending time here where the crouds are in the 's to fight for a spot to be able to see. I loved it!!! Getting there at am will give you lots of time to see all the presentations although they are throughout the day. I am attaching the schedule so that you can get times of all the presentations. Don't forget your food at the front for feeding. Support Local!!! The park is pretty small and it takes not long to see everything. Actually it's a nice park but the entrance fees are much to high for that what the park offering you. I also saw some spots what needed a clean up.

It should be tidy when the entrance fees are so high. YOu can touch Kangaroos und there is also a Koala you can take photos with. I liked the birds you can see on my photo. They provide bread to eet them.

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We visited this park in October after a cruise which ended in Sydney. We are returning this coming August for a 10 week walkabout in Australia. We cannot say enough good things about the Aussie hospitality while visiting this magnificent country; with one exception, and that is the Koala handler at this park. I'm not one to complain usually, but when reflecting on our visit, she keeps popping up in conversation. I feel strongly enough about this to write a review describing our experience.

The handler is an upper middle aged lady who has been there for a number of years, and seems very knowledgeable and very dedicated to her work. She appears overly protective of the Koala's which is understandable. But, she was just downright rude. She was very adamant about lengthy photo opportunities etc. However, while waiting for my wife to have her opportunity to pet the Koala, the handler told me a couple times "You may leave now.

The Kangaroo exhibit is that way pointing. My wife was still in the queue as well as other patrons, but this lady made it a quest to have me and others move along. I was at least 5 or 6 meters observing and not causing anyone or anything harm by standing there watching. Being a compliant and respectful person honored her request. But, I must say, her demeanor was not friendly, but instead irritating.

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She seems to harbor a dislike of spectators or patrons, and was condescending to say the least. In a nutshell, this lady made an otherwise enjoyable day, unpleasant. I left there wishing I hadn't taken the time or expense to stop. In retrospect, we visited Sydney's Zoo a couple days later and remarked at the difference in their Koala display and park in general wishing all the more we hadn't stopped at this park.

I don't believe I was treated properly, and want others to know this. We knew that our monetary contribution will go to helping feed the animals, and that is the only "saving grace" of this experience. The park is in pitiful disrepair and seems to be barely "hanging on. Looking back on it, I would not visit again. I thought the cost to enter was excessive. People with less experience who are fit, motivated and equipped with a great attitude to work are also invited to apply. You will need to be a team player, with good communication skills and a strong commitment to upholding a culture of safety at all times.

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Apply for this job Send to a Friend. Grain Handlers Grain Handlers play a highly important role in the efficient management of receiving and out loading of grain during the busy harvest season. From grain sampling to driving a front loader and general site duties, the roles are diverse, interesting and may include the following tasks: Grain testing — application of a special vacuum to grade the grain and check for moisture, protein, pollutants Weighbridge grain receivals and data entry Operating front end loaders, hoppers, tractors, augers Monitoring grain flow Storage and protection of grain including tarp folding, welding and bunker covering Sweeping, shovelling, dust blowing and other site cleaning Working in confined spaces Weather dependent, work will commence from September through to the end of harvest in November.

Skills and Experience Applicants with previous grain experience are strongly encouraged to submit an application.